Are your Frames Genuine?

Absolutely, it’s probably our most asked question.  We are not a household name, and we are online only, so people are right to question it when prices are also significantly lower than RRP.  All of our frames come directly from the designers distributors, which for the vast majority are held in warehouses in Italy.  We do hold stock in London, but this is a proportion of the overall 15k we advertise.  All frames will come to you as you would expect, with the authentic case and clothes.  Lenses are also manufactured by the brand directly in the case of Essilor lenses and come with their own two year guarantee.  The non-branded lenses, are manufactured by a large reputable Lens manufacturer in the UK and in some cases may be the same lenses that you would receive from the High Street.

Do you hold everything in stock?

Previously we only placed the frames we had in physical stock here in London on the Website.  This allowed very quick dispatch, but many customers did not find the size or colour they needed for a particular model.  With over 15k current variations, many available with only a short delay, we decided it best to offer a larger selection to our customers and to call on the stock of the Designers.  This introduces a delay in frame only orders, but for orders with Lenses the time frames remain the same at 7-10 days.

How do I know which size to order?

You have a few options here.  All sizes are measured in millimetres.  If you are an existing glasses wearer, you can find your existing measurements on the inside of your frame.  By all means take a picture of it or pass them over for us to deceiver.  In addition, if you are changing style the sizes may vary without issue, some people like a tighter fit, some the opposite, some like an oversized look, some don’t.  There is a degree of personal preference involved.  Some customers have tried a pair on previously, so know exactly which size they want.

If this sounds all rather daunting, then just let us know.  We can take measurements online and give our opinion, we have been in the industry a long time.  We won’t always get it right, but we are pretty good.  Also remember, we offer a 30 day guarantee.  For those of you who have had glasses from a shop, you will be familiar with the fitting process.  This is simply adjusting the frame which resolves most issues, and can be carried out at home.  Most frames will need re-adjusting over their lifespan, so most Opticians will make adjustments for free.

Are they the same as I tried on in a shop?

All of our Designer frames are genuine and largely come from Italy.  All genuine stockists call stock from the same location.  Due to the manufacturing process, there can be adjustment requirements, so for instance, two frames of the same size tried on one after the other can have a slightly different fit.  This is a simple adjustment and perfectly normal.

There are many, many counterfeit and stolen goods on the market.  It is important to remain vigilant.  Buying from an approved reseller is one way.  We get asked this a lot, and whilst our prices are low, we are not cheap.  We are simply passing the savings on to you, if you consider the costs of running a shop in a prominent location on a High Street, open 7 days a week with at least two staff, that needs paid for.

We are not against the High Street and in certain circumstances have recommended a customer go there versus buying online.  We do our best to offer a great service, but we cannot offer that ‘try on’ in store experience.  We can’t flatter you with complements for looking ten years younger or steer you away from an ill judged selection which really doesn’t suit you.  We can save you a lot of money, and provide you with similar/same prescription lenses the High Street do.

Sales Assistants, sell you things!  Once the test is complete, your prescription provides the ability for a repeatable outcome based on your test results.  There are different types of Lenses and that is something our Optometrist can assist you with if required.

I don't know my PD and they won't provide it, what do I do?

Opticians are not legally required to provide the PD measurement in the same way they are the actual prescription.  It is not a problem though.

We have the ability to get a photo from you and software which measures this for you, so all you need is a camera or smart phone to take a selfie or have some help.  We can explain how to take it once an order has been processed.  It is required for the Lenses, but is not needed prior to an order being accepted.

If you have any concerns then our Qualified Optometrist can provide advice based on your individual case.

Can I return them? Do I lose most of my money?

Of course, we try to get things right, but there are some things that we can’t foresee.  Our return rate is low, but you have 30 day no quibble returns, there is only the postage back to pay for, which should be signed for to ensure it gets to us for a full return of what you have paid.  We don’t do a re-stocking fee or refunding the frame but not the lenses.

We do suggest that you try the model if you can prior to purchase.  This isn’t always possible, but does save on returns.  If you aren’t sure about something ask, we are a friendly bunch and will give honest feedback.  We want to avoid returns for commercial reasons including keeping prices low, but equally we all have a responsibility for plastic waste and returned lenses cannot be recycled, they are cut to the frame and with your prescription.

You haven't seen my eyes, how can you provide accurate lenses.

Getting your eye examined regularly is very important, it can detect and assist in resolving symptoms your share.  It also provides the all important Prescription.  An Online Store cannot replace an Eye Exam, the outcome of this exam does give us what we need to provide a repeatable outcome in Lenses.  We, like all Online stores must have Qualified staff.  If you would like advise on the type of lenses appropriate for your prescription, just ask and our Optometrist will provide you with that help.

Where do you deliver to and how long will it take

We currently deliver to the UK, Spain and Portugal.  You will be advised on timings but for designers typically 7-10 days.  Non-designer which can be of equal quality but without the price tag are available for usually in a few days subject to Lens requirements.  The duration from leaving us is typically next day with our first class option.

All packages are sent Signed for Royal Mail.  Their track record compared to other providers has been very good and lost parcels are rare.